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Whats been going on…

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We have been making quite progress with the continued development of iZoca.com and we are getting very close to completing this next phase!  The next piece of architecture is all about providing groups and organizations a voice in their community. We will be sharing more on this as we approach our launch date.

Meanwhile, there has been a few notable groups that have formed.  In particular, the Military Courtesy Room (MCR) at Albany International Airport has adopted iZoca.com to communicate with the 100+ volunteers who staff the room each day.  The MCR, founded in memory of John McKenna (http://www.jmckennamilitarycourtesyroom.org), is a VIP room for military personnel in transit.  The private group on iZoca is used to schedule, share photos from their events and discuss issues that are important to the volunteers.  Many of these volunteers have loved ones serving the United States military.

Another group that has formed on iZoca.com is Mothers and More (http://www.mothersandmore.org).  Mothers & More is dedicated to improving mothers’ lives through support, education and advocacy.  Today they held their 2nd annual Power of the Purse at the YWCA in Troy New York and it was a huge success!  The volunteers from this chapter distributed 100’s of new and gently used purses to the residents at the YWCA.  Plenty of food was donated by local merchants. They had a DJ and hair stylists volunteered to provide their services for the day.

We are very honored that Capital Region Mothers & More and the Military Courtesy Room has chosen iZoca.com for their communication needs!


Written by Jeff Goronkin

May 2, 2010 at 7:27 pm

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Public Pages

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Today iZoca launched new architecture that provides groups the option to have content such as photos, discussions and events available to everyone and anyone, even those who are not members of iZoca. This “public page” release is important because now individuals can participate in groups that have both private and public content.  iZoca’s unique group networking architecture provides members the ability to stay connected and up-to-date with all their groups through the use of tools including the iZoca Calendar.

Groups and organizations can now make group content on iZoca available to the public to promote their mission, products and services. Individuals are currently using iZoca groups to communicate with others of similar interest and now with this latest upgrade, people browsing to iZoca can explore these groups and obtain information about topics and discussions that interest them.  If they would then like to participate in these groups they can simply sign up for iZoca and join.

Now on iZoca, members can join groups with a variety of privacy settings and strategically target their information.  For example, family photos from last week’s picnic can be shared privately with your family, discussions about a block party can be shared solely with your neighbors and Jimmy Buffet’s touring schedule can be made public for all to view and enjoy.  Information is delivered to iZoca members in an easy to use format to keep them up-to-date and connected to the groups of people in their lives.  We invite you to join iZoca and begin exploring new ways to connect your world!

Featured Groups

Written by Jeff Goronkin

September 30, 2009 at 5:46 am

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iZoca “Alpha” Site Update

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Since we began our work at iZoca, our primary focus has been limited to building the basic architecture of the website.  Today we released new web pages to provide individuals, groups and organizations more information about how iZoca can help them schedule, connect and stay organized.  There are endless possibilities for groups on iZoca that can be demonstrated with this latest upgrade. For example, you will now find tools to get your “My World” calendar on the go and can create a simple profile about yourself when you join a group. We have created a “learn more” section that explains how iZoca is currently being utilized by some select groups and have profiled them to provide creative ideas on ways the platform can be used.

If you are just getting started on iZoca here are just a few suggestions for groups you can create:





Book Club





Special Project


Trade Association

Some of these groups are organizations that can further be broken down into:

Board of Directors





We keep you connected to all of your groups at the same time. Once you join or create groups you are always one click away from new discussions, photos, events and more.  Your personal “My World” calendar keeps you up-to-date on all the events that are scheduled.  You can also connect to your calendar using your Blackberry, iPhone and other devices and applications such as Outlook, Google and Yahoo calendars.

We encourage you to explore iZoca to experience all the possibilities for you and your groups!

Written by Jeff Goronkin

September 3, 2009 at 10:06 am

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A Great Time To Create A Family Group On iZoca.

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As they say in that television jingle “its the most wonderful time of the year…” No, not that time of the year, the other time. You know, the one when all the kids go back to school! While the idea of having the kids back in school might evoke visions of a return to peacefulness and sanity at home, it does bring with it some challenges of its own. All of a sudden there is a need to get organized again.

While summer is often a time for relaxation and forgetting about the calendar and clock on the wall, the return to school life is a return to organization, schedules and an attempt to keep family on the same page. Between homework, after school activities, dinner coordination, TV rules, shower times, etc.., family life with kids in school requires a bit more structure and thought than the lazy days of summer.

A fantastic way to cope with these challenges and keep them fun and creative is to create a family group on iZoca.

Each iZoca group has its own calendar where you can coordinate everything from morning shower schedules to after school activities. Does mom have the after school basketball pickup duty on Monday or Wednesday? When was that open house?

Often in my house, we have attempted to carry on “coordination discussions” over dinner. It’s a great way to bond and feel connected to the goal of family success. But, very often, it’s been tough to follow up on any of these dinner discussions. Unless dad takes out the Blackberry during dinner (which is not allowed right?) he is never going to remember that he committed to after school practice pickup. And, if you’re like me, with kids that are of college age, the whole “family dinner conversations” might be logistically impossible. iZoca discussions are a terrific way to continue these conversations away from the table. There is no substitute for family bonding over dinner, but how do you manage to remember what people committed to or started conversations about?

It is often tough to get everyone engaged in a family conversation or decision. Somebody has dishes, somebody has homework, someone is showering, someone is watching their favorite television program. And yes, somebody is doing something online. Teenagers do more of their homework on family computers these days. Mom and dad pay bills online, research and make household purchases and even stalk their kids on social networks like Facebook and MySpace. Additionally, with cell phone browsers, including iPhones and Blackberry’s, more and more of family life has an online connection.

With an iZoca family group, you can take advantage of today’s connected world. Whether it’s the follow up discussion from dinner, the morning shower schedule or sharing summer photos, an iZoca family group is a fantastic way to stay connected, organized and have fun. Additionally, with iZoca features like “My World On The Go” family members can have access to their family schedules on their iPhone, Blackberry or other portable device that accepts calendar subscriptions.

When you create your family group on iZoca, you have complete control over who is invited and its level of privacy. Its easy:

  • Choose “Create a Group”.
  • Under the “Visibility”, choose “member only – group content is only available to members”.
  • Under “Membership”, choose “invite – an invitation is required”.
  • If you don’t want others to know your family group exist, you can uncheck the “make this group searchable in the group directory”.

You’ll then be able to invite your family members to the group by their email address. There are other choices on the “Create a Group” page that allow you to determine if your family members can add events to the group calendar, create photo albums, etc. By choosing to create a family group with the privacy settings suggested here, you create a private environment for your family so when you post a comment, create a schedule or upload a photo to your family group, the information is shared only within your family. It doesn’t reach anybody else’s feed, wall, or roll-up.

So, as the summer winds down and classroom schedules arrive in the mail, let iZoca help. Create an iZoca group for your family. We make it easy and fun to Communicate, Organize and Share.


Written by Scott

August 24, 2009 at 9:26 pm

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