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Fitness Groups on iZoca

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Working behind the scenes at iZoca provides an interesting glimpse of the types of groups being created on the website. There are some obvious groups being formed, like ones for family, but we are also finding other affinity groups popping up as well.

One example includes fitness groups where members who belong to them are embracing and utilizing the website to better communicate and schedule. Fitness and sports activities usually go hand in hand with a training schedule or calendar. There is a running group in the Albany region who posts races on the iZoca calendar in hopes of generating an improved turnout.

Runners and athletes naturally seek out similar minded individuals to discuss personal goals and gain advice. Groups of this nature can provide encouragement to those in training.

There are even some unique athletic groups on iZoca including ones for Tae Kwon Do which require a complete class schedule to help students achieve specific goals.

To check out fitness groups on iZoca:

• Log in on iZoca
• Click on “Find a Group” located on left side of “My World” page
• Click on “Categories”
• Click on “Fitness and Health”

Also feel free to create your own fitness group! It doesn’t have to be a formal club, you can just invite some friends who love being active as much as you.


Written by Susan Bardack

September 8, 2009 at 10:02 am

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