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iZoca Gets a New Look

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iZoca.com is the first social networking website for communities and groups providing people the ability to more effectively communicate with their world. iZoca was developed to help us connect and share information like we do in our lives. By nature, we typically participate in multiple groups including ones for work, special interest, volunteerism, team sports, and family. The iZoca platform is uniquely designed to help diverse groups communicate more effectively and efficiently online.

Business and non profit organizations have a strong need to be heard in their community without costly marketing efforts. The soon-to-launch iZoca “Community Pages” will provide groups this ability. These hyper-local pages provide organizations a forum for promoting themselves to a broad audience; for free. For example, non profit groups seeking donations for a fundraising event could simply post a request to a community discussion forum. The event itself could be posted to a community calendar and photos posted to a community album.

iZoca currently has the support of numerous organizations including the Blue Star Moms, the Military Courtesy Room at Albany International Airport, the Empire State Youth Orchestra, Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Capital Region and the Salt Lake Valley Motorcycle Riders. One trait all have in common is the need to share information in a targeted fashion: either among a trusted group of people or with their community.

iZoca was coined from the name “Zocalo” which is a town square in Mexico City. It was later adopted by other surrounding plazas in Mexico. iZoca is a derivation perfect for a social networking website that connects people to their community. We invite you to try the new iZoca.com and explore the possibilities.


Written by Jeff Goronkin

September 13, 2010 at 4:05 am

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