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Public Pages

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Today iZoca launched new architecture that provides groups the option to have content such as photos, discussions and events available to everyone and anyone, even those who are not members of iZoca. This “public page” release is important because now individuals can participate in groups that have both private and public content.  iZoca’s unique group networking architecture provides members the ability to stay connected and up-to-date with all their groups through the use of tools including the iZoca Calendar.

Groups and organizations can now make group content on iZoca available to the public to promote their mission, products and services. Individuals are currently using iZoca groups to communicate with others of similar interest and now with this latest upgrade, people browsing to iZoca can explore these groups and obtain information about topics and discussions that interest them.  If they would then like to participate in these groups they can simply sign up for iZoca and join.

Now on iZoca, members can join groups with a variety of privacy settings and strategically target their information.  For example, family photos from last week’s picnic can be shared privately with your family, discussions about a block party can be shared solely with your neighbors and Jimmy Buffet’s touring schedule can be made public for all to view and enjoy.  Information is delivered to iZoca members in an easy to use format to keep them up-to-date and connected to the groups of people in their lives.  We invite you to join iZoca and begin exploring new ways to connect your world!

Featured Groups


Written by Jeff Goronkin

September 30, 2009 at 5:46 am

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National Marketing Campaign Begins Today

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A press release announcing our national media campaign was distributed early today.

Here is an excerpt:

“iZoca.com, a technology company focused on efficient scheduling and communication announces a national campaign to educate groups and organizations across the country about how they can utilize iZoca to stay connected. iZoca provides a simple way for groups, organizations and individuals to share information and plan events and activities. It features tools which provide groups the ability to effectively communicate and organize both publicly and privately….”

You can view the press release distributed by PR Web here: http://www.prweb.com/releases/2009/09/prweb2836934.htm

Written by Jeff Goronkin

September 8, 2009 at 11:16 am

Fitness Groups on iZoca

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Working behind the scenes at iZoca provides an interesting glimpse of the types of groups being created on the website. There are some obvious groups being formed, like ones for family, but we are also finding other affinity groups popping up as well.

One example includes fitness groups where members who belong to them are embracing and utilizing the website to better communicate and schedule. Fitness and sports activities usually go hand in hand with a training schedule or calendar. There is a running group in the Albany region who posts races on the iZoca calendar in hopes of generating an improved turnout.

Runners and athletes naturally seek out similar minded individuals to discuss personal goals and gain advice. Groups of this nature can provide encouragement to those in training.

There are even some unique athletic groups on iZoca including ones for Tae Kwon Do which require a complete class schedule to help students achieve specific goals.

To check out fitness groups on iZoca:

• Log in on iZoca
• Click on “Find a Group” located on left side of “My World” page
• Click on “Categories”
• Click on “Fitness and Health”

Also feel free to create your own fitness group! It doesn’t have to be a formal club, you can just invite some friends who love being active as much as you.

Written by Susan Bardack

September 8, 2009 at 10:02 am

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iZoca “Alpha” Site Update

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Since we began our work at iZoca, our primary focus has been limited to building the basic architecture of the website.  Today we released new web pages to provide individuals, groups and organizations more information about how iZoca can help them schedule, connect and stay organized.  There are endless possibilities for groups on iZoca that can be demonstrated with this latest upgrade. For example, you will now find tools to get your “My World” calendar on the go and can create a simple profile about yourself when you join a group. We have created a “learn more” section that explains how iZoca is currently being utilized by some select groups and have profiled them to provide creative ideas on ways the platform can be used.

If you are just getting started on iZoca here are just a few suggestions for groups you can create:





Book Club





Special Project


Trade Association

Some of these groups are organizations that can further be broken down into:

Board of Directors





We keep you connected to all of your groups at the same time. Once you join or create groups you are always one click away from new discussions, photos, events and more.  Your personal “My World” calendar keeps you up-to-date on all the events that are scheduled.  You can also connect to your calendar using your Blackberry, iPhone and other devices and applications such as Outlook, Google and Yahoo calendars.

We encourage you to explore iZoca to experience all the possibilities for you and your groups!

Written by Jeff Goronkin

September 3, 2009 at 10:06 am

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